Monday, May 14, 2007

Matt Groening

How Chaos Theory related to the Rock Bottom Remainders, was one of the audience questions at the event with Steve Martin. This opening question from that night is a case in point to the chaos. Get your tickets to see it yourself.


elrodro said...
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elrodro said...

Dear Mr. Groenning:
I'm a huge The Simpsons show fan and of course a huge admiror of you, living in Mexico city. Here as in must parts of the planet, The Simpsons are a very popular show, not only by all the international talent is used to produce the english speaking viewers, but also by the talent of the actors who make the dubbing in spanish for the people of Latin America and must probable spanish speakers in the USA 14.5% or about 41.9 million people) and the rest of the word... Maybe you doesn't know this fact but the actors who makes the Simpsons cast voice for over 15 years were fired...
For thousand, (at least in the web forums) if not millions of fans this fact mean a huge detreiment of the humour and quality of the show. Imagine that Dan Castellaneta • Julie Kavner • Nancy Cartwright • Yeardley Smith • Hank Azaria • Harry Shearer suddenly wouldn't make the voices of the Simpsons? that woudn't be a total D'ouh! don't you think?... Well that's what happened for the entired Latin American spanish speakers fans!. If you can do something about it, in bennefit of the humour and comedy of the Simpsons who at the end, also need the talent of this actors to make it the funniest show in the planet... To be quite honest the new voices are not that funny (if I were Nelson i would give a ponch in the stomag to the one who has the idea, but I more kind of Lisa way... any way I personally miss the old Homer and Mr Burns and there are thousands in the internet who express the same
In the same order of ideas: did you know that this actors (acording to media) gains about US$60 per chapter?, ok let's
be honest: globalitation means to find cheaper costs to produce goods and
services in our economy I don't suck my finger, but US$60 for art like we latin normaly says: Ay caramba!!!!, for spanish hommer and Mr. Burns and all the cast come on!!! even ilegal inmigrants must be better paid for cleaning, gardener or cooking jobs! If I were Nelson I would find the responsable for this unfair and greedy payment and I would punch him in the stomag but Im more like a Lisa way of character... this remembers me the chapter when Homer do the dubbing of Poochie and mets the woman who makes the single "bip" of the roadrunner... I believe you are a truly progressit and liberal (how else some one can create some thing like the simpsons if is not?) so hope you can make something about that. To be quite honest I just felt like Bart in camp Krusty when I knew how much they were paid... yeap I'm Bart, you are Krusty (the desilution < melancolic violins goes here> of a hero just broke my latin heart)... to enmend this disapointment would you invite me to the happiest plays on earth... Tijuana?
One of my life dreams was write a chapter of The Simpsons but first I'm mexican so to cross the border is very dangerous and I had never had the voaction of being a moving sweaming target, second I'm not from Harvard very expensive school and more for a happy member of the third word you know?, and must of all, if that's what they pay for mexican talent, I better work in a taqería and makes jokes for free, a cab or in a Kwik-E-Mart!... well thats all what I wanted to tell you. Hope you and your familly and friends are ok
My sincere admiration and saludos
Another Bumblebee who says: ah ya yaaaaay! Esas voces no son graciosas.
P.S1: "So they march day and night, with no microphone power, They have the sound, But the actors the talent... Lenny: -Now do Classical Gas..."