Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lucky Tiger Grease Stick Band

Several members of the Rock Bottom Remainders used to belong to other bands earlier in their "musical" careers. Mitch Albom's first band was The Lucky Grease Stick Band. They played oldies music (ala Sha Na Na) ......For those who are curious, a Lucky Tiger Grease Stick was the stuff they used to brush into the top front of a crew cut, to hold the hair in place. There's more about them here, and you can even hear clips of them playing at their 35th year reunion a couple years ago.


Lairbo said...

If Roy Blount is with you on this tour, you should perform his song "Dog Whistle Boogie." Ask him. I'm sure you can convince him to do it.

hoodlumsaint said...

My Papa used Lucky Tiger, what sweet memories. I still remember his fear when he thought they were going out of business. He cornered the local market and stockpiled the basement.