Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Remainders Internship Program

For several years now the Remainders have had our much sought after internship program, The Remainders Internship Program (RIP). This isn't something we're doing because we're in DC. We accept applications year round and the program fills up within hours -- after the rigorous screening and interview process. Many people often ask, and wonder, "Interns, you have interns? Exactly what is it your interns do?" Well, on THIS tour they're doing a lot of video work and will be creating some cool stuff that we will be sharing through out the tour.

We got this email from one of our interns this morning.

Hey Ted,

Just woke up to find it's a bit later than expected. Gonna jump in the shower and be over after that.


No worries, we're not going to fire him.

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