Monday, April 26, 2010


The New York Post review is in. Seems like the debate between Scott Turow and Roy Blount, Jr. over talent has been settled. At least by the NY Post.

Some highlights:
In fact, during the 100-minute performance, Barry wasn't Slash, but he was slick in his guitar work. The rest of the ragtag lit rockers in the lineup also fell into the not-so-rarefied air between pretty good and not so bad.

and this about Roy:
...also features best-selling authors Amy Tan on vocals, Mitch Albom on keyboards, Scott Turow on vocals, Greg Iles on lead guitar, James McBride on saxophone, Ridley Pearson on bass, and Roy Blount Jr. -- on nothing, since the essayist and humor writer seems to have no apparent musical talent. That's OK: Blount makes up for his deficiencies with lots of funny hats, a dance step that seems to require seizure medication and a load of enthusiasm.

and this about Scott:
The other surprising talent in the band was courtroom fiction writer Scott Turow. He's short, unassuming, and has a very studious appearance, but when you put a mike in his hand, the guy explodes. He can't sing worth a damn, but his passion and performance abandon made his cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway" the night's hit.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the rock concert Friday Night at the Nokia Theatre. Luckily I had comps through Idlewild Books, that lovely Travel Bookstore on E. 19th St.
When the middle-aged+ crowd entered the theatre, they all said, Hey! Where are the chairs? So we sat our old asses down on the steps and rose to sway with the music. Some of us hadn't moved from our reading chairs in years. Loved hearing/seeing all these writers, Dave Barry and his literati gang, play and sing. I wanted to ask Amy Tan if the dominatrix outfit helped or hurted her career. Hey, maybe there's a novel there. Again, I loved the concert. Please provided chairs next time.
Marilyn M. (