Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Pollstar normally cover real good bands, so it must be the recession. They did an interview with Dave Barry. Check it out. Here's a teaser:

Scott is an example of a guy who was allowed in the band. Not too many people were allowed into the band after it formed. Scott is one of the few. I believe it was at Miami Book Fair when he first got up on stage. We like to have guest authors come up on stage with us.
And he was so enthusiastic – and when I say “enthusiastic,” I am using it as a term of “bad.” We said this man has got to be a part of the Remainders. The only stipulation we told him was we were short one chick singer. We have two and we needed three, because you have to have three chick singers. So Scott agreed to be one of the chick singers, and he was in.

And the fact that Turow is a practicing lawyer didn’t scare you off at all?
No, I think it sort of helps us in case of any audience liability lawsuit.

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